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UpToDate: Evidence-based Clinical Decision Support

When you care for patients, the stakes are high and every decision counts. You need the best evidence and clinical guidance at your fingertips to answer even the most complex questions with confidence.


100+ Studies Show:  Patient care improves when clinicians use UpToDate Decision Support

Healthcare professionals around the world turn to UpToDate as the one trusted reference for answers even when the evidence isn’t clear.


When you face a challenging clinical question or need to confirm your approach, you can turn to UpToDate for trusted answers based on the latest evidence and best practice.


For over 25 years, we’ve been relentless in our quest to bring you the latest medical evidence, best practices and the right technology so you get answers fast. We are committed to you, so you can focus on what matters most: providing the best care possible to your patients.


With more than 25 medical specialties, UpToDate enables confidence and provides clarity in decision-making as you treat each patient—even when evidence isn’t clear.


Expert editors drive evidence-based medicine around the world

At the heart of UpToDate is an unparalleled community of over 7,300 authors and editors from around the globe who share a singular passion — writing and editing evidence-based information that helps clinicians everywhere practice the best medicine.


Created by clinicians for clinicians

Our contributors are practicing clinicians and recognized experts in their medical specialties; many serve on the faculty of prestigious medical schools, and some conduct groundbreaking research. As such, they understand how clinicians think and work.


Drawing on their deep clinical domain expertise, they produce original evidence-based content in a concise, searchable format to support clinicians throughout every stage of the diagnosis and treatment process. That’s why using UpToDate is associated with improved patient outcomes.







Lexicomp: Evidence-Based Drug Treatment Information

Every patient is unique. We offer drug referential content solutions that embrace those differences and empower you to make the best possible evidence-based decision for each specific patient.

Every time you work with a patient, member, or consumer’s drug regimen, you consider the needs of that unique patient at that specific moment in their care journey. And, given the volume of patients, you need to do so quickly.

Our drug referential content solutions provide the clarity in the evidence you rely on for drug decision making, even when patient cases are complex.


Unparalleled commitment to medication safety

The breadth and depth of Lexicomp referential drug content is powered by the expertise of an unrivaled, multidisciplinary editorial team to deliver best-practice evidence and recommendations.


Enabling a patient-specific approach

Lexicomp provides evidence and recommendations to help clinicians as they treat and advise patients with complex conditions and histories like renal impairment and obesity.


Formulary management, customized to fit your needs

With a built-in, customized formulary that provides easy lookup in workflow, Lexicomp reflects your organization’s individual needs and helps you improve formulary management and adherence.


Advanced technology, to power the information you need

Advanced machine learning powers Lexicomp search results, connecting clinicians and professionals to the drug and clinical content they need efficiently at point of care.

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