Why should your institution adapt to Online Library Resources?

The year 2020 was a challenging year faced with adversities, including natural calamities and the outbreak of COVID-19. These obstacles had an immense effect on the economy and operations of various industries, including education.   As we transition to the post-COVID era, it is vital that academic institutions transition from printed textbooks and physical resources to eBooks, e-Journals, and digital resources.


Here are some of the benefits of digital resources that academes and institutions.




In just a few clicks, digital resources can be accessed by students, researchers, teachers, and professionals at their convenience. Unlike printed resources, users need to be physically present in libraries or research facilities to access information.



Multiple Access


Some digital resources allow multiple users to access similar contents simultaneously.



Preservation and Conservation


Unlike physical books, digital resources’ quality is safe from deterioration and degradation over the years.





Having your resources online is beneficial in many ways, and one is saving physical space. When libraries have limited space, digitization is one way to go about it. Digital information requires very little space to contain them that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users.





Maintaining digital resources is much lower than that of traditional learning materials. Digital resources do away with fees such as paying for staff, book maintenance, and additional books.



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