Invengo brings library RFID technology to the Philippines through CE-Logic

Invengo International has tied up with CE-Logic, Inc. to introduce to the Philippines its suite of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology optimized for more convenient operations and tighter security of resources in libraries.


Based in Singapore, Invengo is a world-renowned specialist in RFID products, solutions, and services. Since 2014, it has been CE-Logic’s partner in fulfilling the growing demand of local libraries for advanced management systems.


RFID is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to automatically track and identify objects, animals, and humans through tags that contain electronically stored information.


A first in Philippine library management, Invengo’s RFID library management system is set to simplify inventory and shelving, speed up item processing, and protect the library from theft while increasing staff efficiency and reducing handling time. The equipment includes self-loan stations, self-return stations, DVD unlockers, mobile scanning units, mobile RFID converters, security gates, circulation assistant software, payment gateways, sorting assistant machines, and RFID library tags, among others.


Through CE-Logic, Invengo will be providing libraries with a dedicated Project Management Team to install the system without disrupting library operations. The package also includes technical support after installation and free software updates from an in-house Research and Development Team every 10 to 12 weeks.


Availing of the RFID library management system only requires electrical power, LAN connections, SIP2-compliant systems, and unique RFID labels for tagging. The system’s modular design further enables users to install in phases and add on more capabilities over time.


For more information about Invengo, contact CE-Logic via landline at 929 5088 or send us an email through