Credible tools to use in writing your Research

When conducting research, it is essential to use quality tools to ensure your paper's credibility. With the rapid evolution of technology, various research tools have emerged in the past years and claimed to help students, researchers, and professionals with their research needs.


You may wonder, "what are the qualities of credible research tools?". Let us show you how CE-Logic’s Research Tools can help you improve your research.



Grammarly is a writing app designed to ensures everything you type is not only correct but also clear and easy to read with its online grammar-checking algorithms.


  • Easy-to-use

Grammarly is a user-friendly app wherein users can easily check text and grammar errors just by copy-paste method.


  • Mistake corrections.

As you type, Grammarly catches, pinpoints, and fixes even the tiniest mistakes that similar tools might overlook.


  • Development of writing style.

Rather than just correcting common mistakes and moving out of the way, Grammarly assists you in a way that will help you understand and remember its modifications and suggestions to improve your writing style altogether.





PlagScan is a plagiarism checking software used to validate and ensure the originality of your documents. 


  • Review your sources.

PlagScan uses a Source List that reviews matches are categorized to indicate if it is from the web, your previously submitted documents, your organization's repository, or the Plagiarism Prevention Pool.


  • Different matches in different colors.

Reading and understanding the Plagiarism Report is intuitive and includes clear highlights in different colors.


  • Side by Side View

Use the side-by-side view to compare your document and the found matches simultaneously instead of switching back and forth between multiple windows or tabs.


  • Upload, Download, Upload — Simple as that.

Upload the document you wish to check from your computer, a cloud drive, or by drag and drop.


  • Performance, coverage, and usability? Yes, yes, and yes.

The European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) considers PlagScan the best support tool for plagiarism detection concerning usability and rates it the best software for checking texts in the English language.


  • Data Privacy.

Your data is never shared with third parties, and uploaded documents will not be available on the internet.





NVIVO is a qualitative data analysis computer software package designed for qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required.


  • A place to organize, store and analyze your data.

Work more efficiently, conduct deeper analysis from more sources, and defend your findings with NVivo.

  1. Import data from virtually any source.
  2. Analyze data with advanced management, query, and visualization tools.
  3. Ask complex questions of your data to identify themes and draw clear conclusions.
  4. Achieve more robust research results in less time.


  • Discover the ways NVivo works for you.

NVivo features best-in-class capability options for all researchers, so you can ask more of your data.


  • Boost Productivity

Find common themes and evidence-based insights faster, so you can do more in less time.


  • Uncover Deeper Insights

Ask critical questions of data and find patterns and connections that aren't possible manually.


  • Make Robust Conclusions

Have the full picture when articulating outcomes or evaluating impact.


  • Deliver Comprehensive Findings

Reach and present valid, defensible conclusions to create effective outcomes.





Typeset is an online authoring, collaboration, and formatting tool for research papers and articles. It comes with a user-friendly editor primarily built for research writing purposes and enables users to publish their research instantly and in multiple formats.


  • Better Than MS Word

Typeset incorporates the best elements of Microsoft Word and LaTex, combining the best of both worlds to form an intuitive, collaborative authoring platform. Unlike Microsoft Word, Typeset does not involve manual formatting.


  • Unhampered, Faster Collaboration

Typeset can function as a bridge between researchers and academics who use different tools, providing them with a solution that lets them work with a single version of their documents for better, more accelerated, and more productive collaboration.




These tools, combined with your time and dedication, will ripe a quality output.


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