Access 7,000+ ebooks with Tritech Digital Media

Tritech Digital Media is a global platform that provides over 7000+ ebooks for online reading. Tritech makes it fast and easy for Institutions and students to subscribe & read ebooks. Readers and Institutions retain complete control over the content with an advanced filter.


Tritech Digital Media provides high-quality MARC records to customers. MARC records are available at no charge for all books on Tritech Digital Media.


  • Accessibility

Tritech Digital Media is committed to providing a platform accessible to the broadest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability.


  • Devices

Portable content available on computers, tablets, and smartphones gives users information in the format that best suits their needs.


  • eBooks

Full-text version online or download and print with no digital rights management restriction (DRMS)


  • Users

Multi-user/concurrent access at any time any location to expand the content's reach to your patrons.


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